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How To Create A Man Cave That Is Woman Approved


It’s Superbowl time - the one time of year the man in your life may be interested in design - the design of his “Man Cave!” While your husband dreams of the biggest screen he can get, supple leather to sit on, and some select beverages, you may be wondering how you can minimize the “cave-ness” and keep your man’s space up to the standards you’ve created in the rest of the house. Here we present to you three winning strategies to create a Man Cave you can both take pride in.

1. Keep the competition on the football field!

We find men and women have different concerns about design. Women are usually concerned about the look and creating an inviting space. Men are usually more concerned about how much it will cost, comfort and gadgetry, and displaying their prized collections.

“Honey, wouldn’t this light fixture look great in your Man Cave?!”
“I really just need a comfy leather recliner, a big screen and my trophies within view. The ceiling fan is fine. Don’t spend money on things that don’t matter!”

Even if you disagree on the priorities for the room, design is never an either-or situation. Take cost for example. While one person may value comfort above all else and the cushy sectional is their biggest priority, the other may be more concerned about the ambiance of the room and finding lighting to create a space with a certain feel.

You don’t have to sacrifice one thing to achieve the other!

While a designer is not a therapist, we help solve arguments and bring both of your needs and wants together into a well-designed space. We will take the needs and wants of both the husband and wife into consideration along with the environmental needs of the space to create a design both can appreciate.

2. Overcome the Obstacles

Man Caves are a special species. It’s a space meant to reflect the man and his personality but how do you marry the big screen, pool table and leather sectional into a well-thought-out room that looks good and functions well? How do you personalize a room and show off your team pride or your favorite hobby without it looking tacky?

It may be tempting to buy the big screen or leather sectional with powered recliners and fill in the gaps as you go, but this will present bigger challenges in the long run.

Consideration of how the space will be used is important in design. If the man is more introverted and wants a hang out space at home to watch movies and relax by himself, the space is going to have different needs than a space for a man who is a socialite and invites the buddies over for a game of pool and round of beer on a regular basis. Both need a space they can be themselves in but feel comfortable sharing. The following are some common obstacles when designing the Man Cave.


Often times Man Caves exist in the basement or attic which are often large, boxy spaces. How to use the space is often an area of challenge between two people. One sees the possibilities and one can not so it creates an impasse and frustration. A designer knows how to make a space function well and explain why so you can buy into the design decisions.


Bigger is better, right? Not always. Big, casual sofas and sectionals, pool tables, bars, and large entertainment centers make space planning essential and dictate the careful selection of pieces. Make it a priority to consider what you are putting in the room and create a floor plan to make sure everything fits in its place and functions seamlessly.


It may seem cliche that men like gadgets but they can play an important role in a room like a Man Cave. Why not push a button and close the shades to darken the room for optimal screen viewing or hit a switch and turn on the lights which are pre-set for evening entertaining? It’s not lazy to use gadgetry. There are a lot of moving pieces to switch between modes and gadgets make it easier.


You have team pride and you want to show it. There’s no better place than the Man Cave. How do you pay homage to your team and make it look sophisticated? Instead of painting stripes on the walls in your team’s colors, you could wallpaper a wall with a picture of your favorite stadium, incorporate your team’s logo into the decor or display custom artwork.

If team pride is not your thing, celebrate your hobbies and interests. Set up a studio for your music or display your own handiwork. There’s nothing more personal than a man’s hobbies and interests.

The fun stuff.

If you want to have fun and go crazy, it’s wise to hire a designer. We can design interior lighting that incorporates LEDs, add your initials to the bar and program your shades to close in mourning when your team loses. We can incorporate entertainment elements in creative ways. If you will be serving food and beverages, we’ll help you decide if a wet bar or dry bar is better and how to incorporate hard surfaces around the room for guests to place their drinks. Want a movie theater feel? We can cover your big screen with velvet drapery and program the drapery to open and lights to dim when the movie starts.

If you want a wow factor, we can make it happen.

3. Teamwork for the win.

Decorating is a team sport. Don’t shy away from decorating the Man Cave because you can’t agree on ideas. Everyone deserves to have a space in their home that is truly their own. By hiring a designer, you can take the stress out of decorating and guarantee a winning design. Together as a team, we can create results you will be proud of for years to come.


Design is our passion! We want to help you create a space both of you can be proud of. We can help you with your Man Cave, She-Shed or any design project you may be considering. The first step is to contact us! Email us at and tell us about your project and we will be in contact to set up an appointment to start your project.


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